After visiting the Centre, explore the adjacent Malanda Falls Conservation Park. Picnic and swim at the Malanda Falls, and spot some of our fascinating wildlife including the elusive Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo. Self guided walks take you through the forest, but best of all join a guided walk with our Ngadjon guide.

The cool fresh waters of the North Johnstone River tumble over basalt lava flows at the Malanda Falls. The pool below the falls provides safe, freshwater swimming much of the year, except after monsoon rains. Sandy beaches at the lower end of the pool make it a good place for children to enjoy a paddle. There are picnic tables and benched terraces, a legacy of the history of the falls, when they were used by the local community as the town swimming pool. It is because of this that the Malanda Falls are listed on the Queensland Heritage Register.

There are bbq facilities near the falls, wood is not supplied, so bring your own firewood.